Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now, inspired by the sunflower...

Taking the sunflower theme a step further, we made these magnetic Post It  notepad holders, in class. The kids loved making them and I think their mums' did too!
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  1. Hey nice to see your blog..I'm a mumbai girl in Ahmedabad..loved seeing your work..cute cute projects and loved the card you made for your hubs!
    Do drop by my blog sometime..would love to have you around..

  2. Nice one! Sure the kids would have loved making them! Would like more details on how you made them so that our kids could enjoy too! :) Tks

  3. Lovely sunflower, Paru. Sooooo.....How was Mexico City?

  4. Tks for dropping by! :)
    Hope you are feeling better now. Take care!


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