Friday, January 20, 2012


I haven't posted in the new year, 'coz I have been really busy!
It's a good thing...lots of work, frame orders and preparing for my sale at the Candies Bazaar (Pali Hill, Mumbai) on February 4th 2012.
Classes have been great these last two weeks and the kids have made some amazing stuff!
Here's a look...
Here's where I found the inspiration for the calenders...handmade calenders
The calender templates are available at calender templates

My little ones made these bookmarks this week. Cute, easy and a lot of fun!

These star lanterns turned out fantastic, don't you think?! The kids found it a bit challenging, but the end result was so worth it!!!
Here is the link to the lantern tutorial

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  1. hey paru...all the ery best for ur exhibition...Will try and drop by if possible...Great work with the kids..specially loved the star lanterns


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