Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My first big order is in the mail!!

mailed my first big order today to the U.S.!

I packed all the cards in a box and went to post office, but, was told that the packing was not right and that I would have to go the main GPO to pack it correctly. 

So when I reached the General Post Office, I was pleasantly surprised that the post office themselves had boxes for packaging and would do the cloth packing too. 
As the employees were out for lunch (it was 1pm), I started to leave. A security guard stopped me and directed me to a small stall under a tree opposite the GPO where there were a few men doing the packing and addressing of parcels. The man ( known as JP to all) saw me from across the street and crossed over to help me. 
He then proceeded to pack my parcel expertly, address it, and guide me as to the firms that needed to be filled before I could mail it. 

At the same stall another gentleman was helping some by filling up a money order form. 
Such small businesses fill me with hope... India works... There is chaos in this madness!

I then went and mailed my parcel in the General Post Office!

All done and on its way!!

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