Saturday, September 10, 2016

How I photograph my cards

I am back with another post for Indian Craft Room...this time about Photographing Greeting Cards.
Apologies for not posting yesterday, as promised!
I'm Paru Mahtani, an avid cardmaker and photogrpahy enthusiast. My passion for  card making led to a need to photograph my work; hence developed an interest in photography. Once I started exploring this hobby, it became addictive!
There are so many good blog posts, video and discussions on the internet about photographing you cards/crafts/art work. Thanks to the popularity of online shopping, crafters have realised the tremendous importance of photography!
The lessons I have learnt in my 15 plus  years of making cards are...

1. Research!! Research!! Research!!
Read blogs, look at others photos, read what they say about their photography processes, look at photos on Pinterest and Instagram and learn! 
Here are some resources:

2. Take a few photography classes to earn how to master your camera. 
Then you can create some amazing photos.

3. If you have a spot with great natural light, that's fantastic! If like most people, you don't, make an inexpensive lightbox (learn how to make one here.) and learn how to use it! 
The results are amazing!!
Here is an image of my set's not perfect (the light box is a little wonky) 
but the results I get are just fab.

I have set it up at a height so that I don't have to bend. I have a put a little side table on top of my dining table and then placed the light box on top of it.
The lights are 'Sonia Trilights'. They have an adjustable stand and it is continuous  white light.
These are photography studio lights, but the same can be acheived with any continuous light.
I use a Canon 7D dslr, but very often take photos with my iphone if I dont have time to set up the light box.
I usually make a bunch of cards and  photograph them all together.

Here is the result!

These are photos taken on my desk with an iphone...

I hope this post has been useful and you have been inspired!! Do leave me a comment...I'd love to hear from you!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I will be back next Thursday with another post.
Have a great evening!

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