Thursday, September 29, 2016

ICR discussion on Branding and Marketing

Hello everyone!
I am Paru Mahtani of Paru's Perceptions Handmade Greeting Cards.
I started making handmade cards as a hobby about 18 years ago and have only recently attempted to make it a business.
Asha of Indian Craft Room asked me if I would share some tips and trick that I have learned along the way, to help other crafters with the issues they might face.
It would be my honour to do so!
Today, in my last post,I would like to talk about BRANDING AND MARKETING.
This, I think, has been my biggest challenge!!
Making the card is the really fun part of this journey! Creating a brand and then marketing it is something I've had to teach myself.
My first task was to believe in my product 100%! There were times when others doubted me...there are still those who do...and, there are many many more times I doubt myself.
But, I've taught myself not to give up and to continue to believe in my product...with the help of my ever supportive husband and family!
I then started participating in small exhibitions..and slowly bigger ones. Along the way I knowledge and confidence.
Today there  is social a lot easier to be seen.But, since everyone has the same idea, I have to make sure I put out quality content on a regular basis. This is how I have created an interest in my BRAND.
I have a style and mostly, I stick to it. Slowly customers have started to recognise the brand.
As for MARKETING, Social Media and digital marketing is the way forward. What's App works very well too!
Here, exceptional photography is the key, since the customer cannot touch and feel the product, the photograph has to convey everything.

Blogging makes me more visible and I often give a set of my cards as gifts to friends. Word of mouth is the good old fashioned way of marketing!
Here are some excellent links with lots of ideas about how to brand and market handmade cards.

I has been my honour to share my experiences with you here and I hope that these discussions have been helpful.
Please leave me a comment...I would love to hear from you.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have  good night.
Paru Mahtani

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