Thursday, December 1, 2011


A few things we've made in the last couple of weeks...

 We tried paper weaving using quilling strips...quite successfull I thought!
Our project was inspired by a project from the book, "big book of papercrafts" by Vivienne Bolton.
The kids decorated the bookmarks in a variety of ways, as you can see...
In the picture above, my student Millie, used various stips of paper to make an evening sky and then she stamped an image of palm trees and sea gulls in black to make a silhouette. It looks remarkable...don't you think?!
Stamps are from Inkadinkado's 'coastal maritime' stamp set.

 Here, my younger students made animal clothes peg magnets. Asimple project, they made it by drawing, colouring and cutting out animal faces and then fixing them to wooden clothespins. They then attached magnetic strips to the back of the pegs making them perfect  and useful fridge magnets to delight their moms!

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  1. wow these are just amazing paru i especially loved the stamped bookmark i think its brilliantly done.. what an idea...the fridge magnets and the paper weaved book marks are so beautiful as well!!

  2. HI Paru,

    Great idea! Can you tell me where I could get these wooden clothes-pins in mumbai?

  3. You can get these pins at Crawford Market.


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